Currently listening to ‘New York Times’ off of the ‘Truly Yours 3’ bonus disc. I bought the regular digitally and I spent the entire week listening to it before I blogged about it. The start of ‘Villuminati’ Cole states, “Its way darker this time.” I like how he gave us kind of a visual of where he was going with this album. I believe that this album was way darker because of songs like ‘Villuminati’, ‘Trouble’, ‘Land of Snakes’ and ‘Let Nas Down.’ The Kerney Sermon skit takes me back to ‘Blow Up’ (Friday Night Lights), in which Cole raps “Praise God it’s hard to stay spiritual/ How they got these niggas on the TV selling miracles/ You mean to tell me everything gon be fine/ If I call your hotline and pay 29.99 shit”; I feel like I am reminiscing on past mixtapes or songs. The most noticeable song that he is clearly taking us back to is ‘Power Trip’, Cole takes us back to ’ ‘Dreams’ (The Warm Up). I’m not sure J Cole is trying to do this on purpose but I love the fact that he is because an artist should always reminisce to show improvement. Born Sinner shows J Cole’s improvement and I can’t wait to see him at the Grammy’s again. Now lets wait to see when the Kendrick Lamar collaboration is going to come out.

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  • Posted: 21 June 2013